While it is ultimately the responsibility of the driver to stay aware and maintain safe driving practices, Lincoln provides some additional technology to help you monitor and respond to potential hazards as you travel. Continue reading to learn the five most popular Driver-Assist technologies in the Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ safety suite

Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ 

BLIS® Blind Spot Detection 

Traveling on the highway can be dull and monotonous making it easy to zone out and forget to monitor the cars around you. BLIS® takes the guesswork out of changing lanes by monitoring vehicles who might be traveling in your blind spots. Once your turn signal is activated, BLIS® will alert you to a potential hazard you cannot see so that you can take corrective action to avoid a collision. 

Pre-Collision Assist

It’s easy to get distracted from time to time which is why Pre-Collision Assist is there to help you respond to sudden changes up ahead. Using radar technology, this system scans for vehicles and pedestrians and will alert you with an audible warning if a person steps in front of your car unexpectedly or if you are approaching a vehicle too quickly. If you are unable to respond quickly enough, Automatic Emergency Braking will activate to help avoid or mitigate collision.

Lane Keeping System

Using a mounted camera which is specifically designed to read lane markings, the available Lane Keeping System helps to keep you safely within your lane. If the system notices you may be drifting outside your lane, it will emit an audible alert and provide increased steering torque to help you return safely to the center of your lane.

Rear View Camera

Back up with confidence thanks to the Rear View Camera which projects a live feed of what lies behind your car on the center screen. If a car, pedestrian, or obstacle is detected, the screen will alert you with an audible warning. 

Auto High Beam Headlights

Traveling at night doesn’t have to be stressful thanks to Auto High Beam Headlights. These headlights scan for other vehicles and adjust the lighting to give you maximum visibility while automatically lowering to accommodate passing drivers. They also adjust for fog or rain.

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