Let’s face it, large SUVs aren’t for everyone. They can be bulky, difficult to drive, and full of blind spots. With that in mind, Lincoln introduced the MKC in 2014 and has continued to improve on the model ever since. To illustrate how the 2018 Lincoln MKC is changing SUVs for the better, let’s compare it to another popular vehicle of its class, the 2018 Audi Q5.

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2018 Lincoln MKC vs. 2018 Audi Q5

The comparison of these two vehicles is an example of how bigger isn’t always better. The 2018 Lincoln MKC is nearly four inches shorter in length than the Q5, yet drivers and front passengers will enjoy nearly two more inches of legroom in the Lincoln.

The MKC is also narrower, shorter in height, and lighter with a shorter wheelbase and tighter turning radius. All of which translates to an easier and less stressful driving experience, particularly when navigating city traffic and parking.

You might assume that the bigger of these two vehicles is the more powerful, but you would be wrong. The Lincoln MKC actually generates slightly higher torque (275 to 273 lb.-ft.) than the Audi Q5 while producing nearly the same horsepower (245 to 252).

Additionally, the Lincoln MKC has a towing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds while towing anything at all in the Audi Q5 requires upgrading to a higher trim level. And what’s the point of an SUV if you can’t tow anything?

Last but certainly not least, the bigger Audi comes at a bigger cost. In fact, the Q5 commands an MSRP of over $8,000 more than the MKC. You could make four trim upgrades in the Lincoln before approaching the base price of the Audi.

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