Purchasing a vehicle is typically the second-largest investment an American will make, which is why it’s so crucial to pay attention and maintain the intricate systems of a new car. Having preventative car maintenance performed will pay dividends down the road, and it will help your vehicle stay running at its best.

4 Reasons Car Maintenance Is Important


First and foremost, performing preventative car maintenance will help ensure your vehicle is running and stopping the way it is supposed to. A certified technician will be able to spot problem areas or parts that should be replaced before it’s too late. In between maintenance sessions, you can perform basic checks on the tires, brakes, oil level and condition, and wiper blades. These simple checks will help make your car more safe and reliable for commutes to the office and long road trips with the family.

Ensure Everything Is Running Smoothly

Replacing spark plugs and coolant, having the battery checked regularly, and inspecting the brakes will help the systems throughout the vehicle operate as designed. At the same time, having oil and filter changes performed at recommended intervals will help keep your engine running smoothly.

Save Money

While it may seem more costly to have regular maintenance performed on your vehicle, it will end up saving you more down the road. For example, getting an oil change every few thousand miles may seem time-consuming, but it could help you avoid spending a couple thousand dollars to have the transmission rebuilt.

Even simple maintenance items, like having tires properly inflated and clean air filters, will boost your fuel efficiency to save you money at the gas pump.

Minimize Downtime

By sticking to your car manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, you’ll be in control of when you take your car in for service. Emergencies can happen at inopportune moments, but by having certain parts, such as a timing belt, replaced on a schedule will require less time than if you wait for the part to break.

Service Your Vehicle at Schumacher Lincoln of Delray

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